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Crystals and Smoking

Posted on January 14 2023

Smoking from natural stones and crystals is a popular form of consuming herbs, but when choosing new materials to use as a pipe, safety is a common topic worth consideration. 

We want to acknowledge that smoking anything, in general, can have negative effects on health. This article is not making any health claims and every individual should consult their personal physician to determine how their smoking process will affect them. 

One of the first things to consider when determining the safety of a stone for smoking is its composition. The stones used at Blazin Janes, such as calcite and quartz varieties, are composed of non-toxic, natural minerals that do not release any additional harmful chemicals when heated. Their crystalline structure makes them excellent regulators of both heat and energy.

When considering smoking from a crystal pipe or bowl piece an important factor is how the device itself was manufactured. Most mass produced crystal pipes are first drilled into, which leaves the pipe’s interior coated in a fine layer of dust before being polished. In order to remove dust, every finished piece we produce is put through a natural oil cleanse process. It’s important to note we do not use any chemicals to seal our pieces. Secondly, it’s important to look at how the stone was polished. A majority of mass produced crystal pipes are polished and sealed by applying a layer of liquid chemical polish to the finished piece. This becomes a concern when the stone is heated, as a reaction could occur. At Blazin Janes we set out to create our own chemical free, artisanal manufacturing process with zero byproducts. Our crystal pipes and bowl pieces are designed to mitigate potential risks. All of our pieces are carefully ground and polished using all natural diamond grit, a gradual process of individually shaping and polishing each piece by hand.

Weight and durability are to be considered when choosing a stone for smoking out of. A stone that is light and easily breakable is not suitable for smoking. Quartz is heavy and durable, which makes it suitable for smoking. Many crystals including all quartz varieties are significantly more durable and harder than both glass and ceramic, meaning they are less likely to flake or be easily damaged. Amethyst, Ametrine, Aventurine, Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, and Smoky Quartz, and many more are varieties of Quartz crystals.

Another important characteristic to consider is the stone's ability to withstand heat without cracking or breaking. Some stones, such as malachite and turquoise, are not suitable for smoking because they are brittle and can easily crack or break when exposed to heat. On the other hand, many harder stones can withstand high temperatures without breaking, making them more ideal options for smoking. It’s important to note that once remaining dust is removed from a finished crystal pipe or bowl piece, it would not get hot enough to create a chemical reaction.

The porousness of the stone is also a factor to consider. A material that is highly porous could absorb the substances being smoked and potentially release them back into the air when heated. This not only affects the taste of the smoke but also the durability and longevity of the pipe or bowl. Stones that have low porosity are more practical for smoking. While ceramic is an incredibly popular option for smoking in today’s market, it is more porous than many crystals and far less durable.  

In conclusion, the key characteristics to look for when choosing a stone for smoking are its composition, how it was made, its ability to withstand high temperatures, weight, durability, and porosity. Look for crystal pipes or bowls that are composed of non-toxic materials, ethically manufactured, can withstand high temperatures, have low porosity, and are relatively heavy and durable.



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