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Crystal Cleaner - Cleaner for Crystal Pipes and Bowl Pieces

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Introducing Crystal Pipe Cleanse by Blazin Janes, the only cleaning solution specifically formulated to safely remove resin from your genuine crystal pipes and bowl pieces.

Recommended use: Always shake well before use. Coat the interior of your crystal pipe or bowl piece with the solution. Let sit for a few minutes, wiping the resin away with a q-tip. Repeat as needed. Quickly rinse with soap & water.

Please note: This is not a soak formula. It is intended to coat the interior of your pieces where the surfaces are coated with resin, wipe and repeat as needed. This product is also not intended for glass cleaning.

What is Full Moon Water?

Our formula includes natural spring water that has been charged by the energy of a full moon. This will raise the vibrational state of your crystals during and after cleaning.

Included in your purchase:

-(1) 12 FL OZ. Bottle of Blazin Janes Crystal Pipe Cleanse.

Step by step cleaning instructions:

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