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How To Clean Crystal Pipes & Bowl Pieces

Posted on December 16 2020

If you own a genuine crystal pipe or bowl piece, you've probably wondered how to safely and properly clean it. Unlike glass, you should not attempt to use alcohol to clean crystal pieces. Genuine crystals can be permanently tarnished or discolored by harsh chemicals. Crystal Pipe Cleanse is specifically formulated to safely remove resin from genuine crystal pipes and bowls.

An essential part of caring for your crystal piece is knowing the proper cleaning method behind it. Below is a step-by-step guide to cleaning and maintaining a crystal pipe or bowl piece for optimal performance, smoke purity, longevity, and visual appeal. We offer 12 different varieties of genuine crystal pipes and bowl pieces here at Use this cleaning method to safely clean any crystal or stone type sold on this website.


You'll need:


     Please note: This is not a soak formula. It is intended to coat the interior of your pieces where the surfaces are coated with resin. It is not recommended to let your crystal piece soak in the solution. This product is also not intended for glass cleaning.


     Step 1:

    Always shake well before use. Pour a very small amount of your Crystal Pipe Cleanse solution into a container. 



    Step 2:

    Submerge the end of a Q-tip in the solution you poured out, and begin to gently wipe out the interior of your crystal bowl piece or pipe with it.



    Step 3:

    Use both ends of the Q-Tip to remove all the resin built up inside the bowl area and stem.

     how-to-clean-crystal-pipes   how-to-clean-crystal-pipes


    Step 4:

    Repeat process as needed until your piece is free of resin. Once clean, give it a quick rinse with soap and water to remove the remaining solution from the piece.

    cleaner-for-crystal-pipes.  cleaner-for-crystal-pipes


    The best approach to long term care is consistent maintenance. The more you clean your crystal pipes & bowls, the less frequently you'll have to deep-clean them.



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