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The Benefits of Amethyst Crystals

Posted on March 04 2021

Amethyst Crystals Benefits

 How Amethyst Crystals Can Benefit You

The allure and magic of these violet to plum colored crystals have captured the hearts of many throughout history. While Amethyst crystals has been known for many things, it is most widely known as a stone of  protection, purification, and royalty. It is a variety of Quartz, most commonly found in Brazil, but it is also found in Africa, Russia, and South Korea. In this article we will discuss the many benefits of Amethyst crystals, as well as how you can enhance your smoking experience with crystal pipes and bowl pieces.

Though Amethyst has had numerous associations over time, it has consistently been used throughout history for its protective properties. Amethyst is a natural neutralizer of all forces of negative energy. If placed beneath a pillow or worn to bed, it supposedly protects the aura from insomnia and nightmares. This produces a peaceful sleep with enjoyable, healing, and often profound dreams. It is a spiritual stone, and has no negative associations or side effects. Amethyst crystals should be used as a stone of peace and prosperity. Its presence elevates the vibrational state of the user, promoting the continued flow of positive energy. It prevents feelings of guilt and over-indulgence, and bestows good judgment upon those who use it. It also instills courage upon the user and is often used as a powerful amulet for travelers. When worn, it protects against thieves, all types of harm, sickness, and danger that may come across your path.

The History of Amethyst

Dating as far back as ancient Egypt, Amethyst has been prized not only for its beauty, but also its metaphysical properties. Ancient Egyptians considered it the stone of royalty, and would wear amethyst to protect themselves from feelings of guilt and fear. It was also worn by the ancient Egyptians to ward off the effects of witchcraft and ill-wishes. Much fine Amethyst has been recorded found in Egyptian tombs, including the tombs of their long dead ancient kings. 

Over time, Amethyst also had its place in the Christian church, worn on Bishops’ rings. The royal purple color was known to symbolize Christ. There are a number of Biblical references to amethyst. The Hebrew word for Amethyst, “Achlamah” originated from the word “Dream-stone”, meaning it was potentially used during biblical times to protect from nightmares and induce prophetic dreams, just as it is still widely used for today. Additionally, Amethyst was one of the gems set into the breastplate of ancient Israel’s high priest. The twelfth foundation of the Holy City was built of amethyst. For some time, high quality Amethyst was valued equally to a diamond. Following large discoveries in South America and Africa it became more common. Today, Amethyst is easily one of the most popular crystals in the world.

The name Amethyst derives from the ancient Greek word “Amethustos” which means sober. It was said that an Amethyst could prevent the user from becoming excessively intoxicated, as it instills a sober, level-headed mindset. It was even believed that if a person were to drink from a cup or goblet made entirely of amethyst, he or she would be protected from over-intoxication.

How Amethyst crystals affect the smoking experience

Amethyst pipes have become popular over the last few years for their natural ability to elevate the smoking experience of the user. Our Amethyst pipes and bowl piece slides are made entirely of real Amethyst crystals, and are individually crafted by artisan hands in Sedona, Arizona USA. We offer a wide range of 13 real stone types for you to choose from to elevate your smoking ritual. When choosing a crystal, it's important to remember that the stones we are drawn to are often the stones we need for healing.

Introducing Amethyst crystals to your smoking ritual is an excellent way to elevate the energy passed from the herb to your lungs. Not only is energy transferred from the stone to the herb, but the energy from both things, as well as our surroundings, are ultimately transferred to us and so on. Amethyst crystals are wonderful purifiers for negative energy, meaning it will absorb and purify the negative energy and emotions of the user and surroundings, putting out positive high vibrational energy as a result, truly elevating your smoke session.

For many, smoking in excess can heighten feelings of anxiety or paranoia, creating an uncomfortable environment. One of the key benefits of Amethyst we mentioned earlier is that it prevents over-intoxication and over-indulgence. When we look at how this applies to the experience of smoking, we can assume that the presence of  Amethyst crystals will be able to prevent you from feeling “too high” or over-intoxicated. This results in a high-vibrational euphoric state of mind without any potential negative side effects like paranoia or anxiety. 

Overall, the effect of smoking out of Amethyst crystals is that it will create a more calm and high-vibrational environment where you will better enjoy the perfectly balanced effects of your herb, along with the protection and purified energy provided by Amethyst crystals.

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